Movement has an infinite number of aspects. And they’re all in the catalogue.

Our range of linear transmission systems, both simple and integrated, satisfy the most diverse design requirements. The critical aspect is, of course, choosing the most suitable component for each application. ATP staff can deliver the most effective of solutions with the very best of brands. ATP, with its specialized cutting centre for linear products, guarantees the highest quality and reliability for the specific needs of each individual customer.
cuscinetti e attrezzature

Bearings & Equipment

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movimentazioni lineari

Linear Movement

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Energy is everything. Here are the solutions for its transmission.

Transmission is a key aspect of every design. For pneumatic components and motorized and non-motorized mechanical systems, ATP offers a range of transmission products and services that guarantee the ideal solution in every case. In addition to the distribution of pneumatic components, ATP supplies pneumatic control panels and offers consultancy in the design of entire systems.


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trasmissioni meccaniche ed elettriche

Mechanical & Electric Transmissions

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The quality of every design is seen in its components.

Components are simple elements of a complex whole. But only the right basic elements allow the whole to function at its best. ATP delivers such a wide range of components as to satisfy any requirement, from dampers to gaskets, adhesives, handles and standardized items for machinery, equipment and moulds.
Choosing ATP means having technically advanced products and components,
in-depth consulting services, quality certification and efficient logistics.
The goal of ATP is to find the right solution for every customer. In the vast market of industrial components, this is the ambitious goal that ATP pursues by paying utmost attention to the minimum detail, even to those parts that are wrongly considered secondary, but which instead define a quality product.
sistemi di lubrificazione

Lubrication Systems

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Transmission Parts

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guarnizioni e materie plastiche

Gaskets & Plastic Materials

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normalizzati e componenti diversi2

Standardized & Non-standardized Components

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